About Us

About Turf'D Out Synthetic Grass

Turf'd Out provides homeowners with state-of-the-art artificial turf lawns. Our synthetic grass looks and feels just like real grass, yet is incredibly durable with a service life of more than 25 years. Once our technicians complete our quick and easy installation process, your synthetic grass will look so real and natural that your guests won’t even know the difference!

Why Choose Synthetic Turf?

Maintaining natural lawns demands a lot of time and resources, and the benefits of artificial grass are obvious when considering the look, appeal, and vastly reduced maintenance and expenses. You’ll save more because there's no need to buy or replace lawn tools, fertilizers, pesticides and other expensive products. Our lawns are clean and safe, and will not cause allergic reactions with children or pets.

New Technology Sets Us Apart

Our artificial grass ranks number 1 when determining softness, colour, drainage, heat retention, piece of mind guarantees, customer satisfaction and even on price, bar none. Our best-feel, best-look claim is easily proved when making side by side comparisons. Turf'D Out Synthetic Grass offers solutions to the many problems homeowners face with their natural grass lawns.